The SharePoint IT Pro content team is proud to announce the launching of our new SharePoint Server 2010 (Beta) Tech Center and our related set of Technical Articles. In addition, we have launched the SharePoint Foundation 2010 (Beta) Tech Center and its related Technical Articles.  We will keep this content up to date with timely information to help you design, build, and deploy SharePoint sites and solutions. We have launched these sites with an initial set of Beta content and we will add lots of additional content throughout the Beta and on through the product release.

Although we are excited about this new content, there is too much to list it all. So here are some highlights, listed by SharePoint product areas:


Business Connectivity Services

·         Business Connectivity Services overview (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Business Connectivity Services overview (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

·         Manage the Business Data Connectivity service (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Manage the Business Data Connectivity service (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

·         Business Connectivity Services model

·         Business Connectivity Services Resource Center


Social Computing

·         Plan for social computing and collaboration

·         User Profile Service overview

·         Plan polices for user profiles

·         Plan for collaboration sites


Managed Metadata

·         Managed metadata planning

·         Managed metadata overview

·         Managed metadata operations


Records Management

·         Using a records archive versus managing records in place



Document Management

·         About document management

·         Identify users and analyze document usage

·         Document library planning

·         Content type and workflow planning

·         Information management policy planning


Digital Asset Management

·         Digital asset management overview

·         Plan digital asset management



Web Content Management

·         Themes overview (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Plan for using themes (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Plan for caching and performance

·         Configure Document Conversions Load Balancer and Launcher Services




·         Plan for workflow security and user management (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Plan for approval and review processes in workflows (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Choose a workflow authoring tool (SharePoint Foundation)

·         Workflow deployment processes (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

·         Workflow deployment processes (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Configure global workflow settings (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

·         Configure global workflow settings (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Manage workflows (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

·         Manage workflows (SharePoint Server 2010)

·         Monitor workflows (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

·         Monitor workflows (SharePoint Server 2010)



Governance and Security


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Susan Potter
SharePoint IT Pro content team




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